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Cadence is a library for YoYo Games' GameMaker for simple scheduling of function execution. It lets you specify when and for how long to run a given function.

Cadence is Deprecated

As of GameMaker 2022.5, with the introduction of Time Sources, Cadence is no longer necessary. As such this library will no longer be updated or maintained. The latest commit to the code-base shows how to use built-in Time Sources to replicate Cadence's functionality by updating the run_in_frames function in scr_cadence.

For more information on Time Sources see the following resources:

Please note: Cadence's minimum GameMaker version is Studio 2.3. If you are using any GameMaker whose version looks like 202x.y.z you are in the clear.

For full instructions on how to use, and an example project, visit Cadence on Github

Install instructions

In GameMaker click on the Tools menu and select Import Local Package. Choose the .yymps file you downloaded, and import all assets.


cadence_1.0.0.yymps 4 kB

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